CT_Bolt’s Timer

CT_Bolt’s Timer  v3.0
by CT_Bolt


  • A whole new set of timers.
  • Custom properties (font color, font size, x, y, z, etc.).
  • Let’s you press buttons with while a ct_timer is active.
  • Counts the button presses & stores them in a variable.
  • Allows a switch to be used to determine if the ct_timer will be visible.
  • Optional text before & after time numbers (ex. Timer #1: 0:25 Remaining).
  • Multiple buttons can be pressed.
  • Add\Remove time from a currently running CT_Timer with a simple script call.
  • Pause\Resume a currently running CT_Timer with a simple script call.

This should be compatible with all scripts as long as they don’t overwrite any methods used in this script.

How to Use

Many ways. See demo.

CT_Bolt’s Timer v3.0: Click Here

Included in Demo.
None yet.
Sindaine for the original idea
Tsukihime for this post, & just for being awesome.
– To everyone who has ever contributed to this community!
Author’s Notes
Enjoy! Let me know how it works for you. Please give feedback, anything that could be added, etc.

7 Responses to CT_Bolt’s Timer

  1. foppyomega says:

    Great script! Thanks!
    Btw, do you have any terms of use for commercial games?

  2. hackazer says:

    Hey, how can I set up an event when the times ends?
    So it will be like this:

    The timer starts, event start, then when the timer ends, so does the event.

    • CT_Bolt says:

      The current way of doing this would be to set the TIMED_SWITCH_ID in module CT_Timer to a Switch_ID that would be used for the event.

      Line 112 in the v2.6 BETA script I included with the demo I made for you.

      TIMED_SWITCH_ID = 202 # Use this to have a switch turn on when
      # the timer starts & turn off when the timer
      # is deactivated

      I made a demo for you: click here to download

      Please let me know if that is what you needed, and any other feedback as well.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      PS. The included script has not yet been publicly released that is why it is v2.6 BETA
      Huge update, major code re-write coming soon. 😀

  3. CT_Bolt says:

    Updated the script to v2.6.2. Please update.

  4. CT_Bolt says:

    UPDATED! Current version is 3.0

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