XS – Fame System Add-On

XS – Fame System Add-On (v2.0)
by CT_Bolt


  • Patched XS – Fame System to work with YEA Status Menu
    • Can be displayed next to actor face (optional)
    • Can be displayed in biography (optional)
    • Adjustable X & Y for both
  • Font/Drawing Options
    • Name, Color, Outline Color, Bold, Italic, Shadow, Size, Alignments
    • Displaying fame numbers is now optional
  • Can now display one of the following:
    • Max fame
    • Fame of the next level
    • Fame until the next level
  • Adjustable text
    • Pre-text, Post-text, Next Amount Text, Until Next Text, Maxed Reached

How to Use

To install this script, open up your script editor and copy/paste this script to an open slot below ▼ Materials & XS – Fame System but above ▼ Main.
Also, insert this below YEA – Status Menu (if you use it).
Remember to save.

Configure Module FAME_SYS to suit your needs

Script: Click Here

Demo: Click Here

Version History

v1.0 2/24/2013 – Initial Modification
v1.1 2/24/2013 – Cleaned up code & removed visual bug
v2.0 3/14/2013 – Major Change – Seperated my code into a new script of its own.
– Added more features

Nicke for XS – Fame System
Yanfly for YEA – Status Menu
CT_Bolt for XS Fame System Add-On/Patch

– To everyone who has come here.

Author’s Notes
Enjoy! Let me know how it works for you. Please give feedback, anything that could be added, etc.

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