Custom Title/Intro

Author: CT_Bolt

This tutorial will teach you how to make you own custom movements and background in the Super Mario World Title/Intro.

A Step by Step Instruction Video: Click Here to View
Download HD or View SD: Click Here

Lunar Magic

01. Open the Super Mario World rom with Lunar Magic (smw.smc)
02. Open Level Number 105 (CTRL + D) (if it is not open already)
03. Save Level to File (CTRL + W) (this is used as a back-up)
04. Open Level Number C7 & edit if desired (CTRL + D)
05. Save Level to Rom as 105 (CTRL + I)
06. Open the Overworld Editor
07. Install Title Moves Recording ASM… (CTRL + R)
08. Run Rom in Emulator (F4) (must use ZSNES)
09. Go to Yoshi’s Island 1 (Level 105)
10. Play a little bit of the level
11. Save State & Exit the Emulator
12. Insert Title Moves Playback ASM & Data… (CTRL + P)
13. Select the state you saved in step #11
14. Uninstall Title Moves Recording ASM… (CTRL + U)
15. Save Level to Rom as C7 (CTRL + I)
16. Open Level Number 105 (CTRL + D)
17. Open Level from File… (open level 105 that we saved earlier)
18. Save Level to Rom (CTRL + S)
19. Enjoy your new custom title!

Steps in a text file: click here to view/download

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